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question on parvo immunity

Dal & Mad's Mom

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I have been trying to totally understand the pups immunity but, I'm stumped on the question that assuming the parent wasnt vaccinated but, is now an adult they would have some immunity. Does that give a pups a limited immunity? I've looked at the medical reports and well my eyes sort of glaze over even though I'm a nurse.


also does their first shot help them if their parent had never had proper shots.

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If the parents were adult dogs exposed to normal life they had immunity to parvo or they would be dead. They either had the disease, or were exposed and developed natural immunity without becoming ill.


The mother would pass her immunity on to the pups.


Normal vaccination protocols would apply to this. Per Dodds DVM you can give a shot at 8 weeks (parvo and distemper only) and repeat at 12 weeks. Other vet researchers say one shot after 12 weeks is enough.

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