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Paneostitis in older dogs


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A friend of mine had her 4 year old border collie diagnosed with panosteitis (wandering lameness) when he was 4 years old - that was two years ago. She just contacted me the other day to advise that he has had a re-occurence, and is lame on one of his back legs. She has a very very thorough vet, who is the one that diagnosed him when he was 4 years old.


I know that older dogs can certainly get this disease, but it is uncommon. It appears to be even more uncommon for an older dog to have a re-occurence of this.


I have tried to do some research on on this, but these doesn't seem to be a lot out there. There doesn't seem to be any identification of the cause, just dealing with the symptoms until it runs its course.


Does anyone on this board have any information on this disease in older dogs or any personal experience.

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Panosteitis is long bone inflammation often called "growing pains" and not typically a disease of adult dogs


Recurrant migrating (leg to leg) lameness in adult dogs almost always ends up being tick born ime - lyme, rocky mountain, or erlichia. I've seen all 3. And many of the dogs were not from a "tick area". Dogs can also harbor the disease for many years and only become obviously symptomatic when they are stressed in other ways - age, illness, pregnancy, injury, or competition/life stress.


A quick rule out would be to treat with doxycyline (cheap, pretty much safe) for a week or 2 and see if the dog responds. I've found that dogs that have tbd respond fast and obviously to treatment.


Obviously you need to research this and discuss anything you plan with your own vet first.

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