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Kip vs. The Cat

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The Cat who should be called Killer. It's a barn cat at my grandparents. She used to be pretty nice, but has become rather teritorial and unpredictable.


So tonight I walk over to care for the sheep, taking Miss and Kip along. Kip is on leash. This cat shows up and follows the dogs and I around the whole 20 min we are over there. Kip thinks cats must be herded. So he is trying to go after her, and as I correct him and keep on going, she follows us and spits and snarls. If I tie Kip to a fence post she sits just out of his reach and growls at him. I try to chase her off, and it does no good. When I tied him up to go close the barnyard gate, I come back and she is sitting next to him, daring him to look at her, and swatting at him if he does. We go past her food and she jumps on him. Along about this point Kip is still very interested in her, but has figured out he's got to keep his distance. And to top it all off, she follows us most of the way home, as if to tell him on no uncertain terms that she runs the farm.


If anyone wants a cat, tonight I'm in the mood to pay you to take her...

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lol Cats are.... full of personality. :rolleyes: We have all types at work... one cat only my boss can touch, it hisses and snarls at everyone else who comes near. And considering she's loose in the kitchen, it makes work difficult sometimes.


Sounds like the kitty is doing a very good job of protecting HER farm. O.O

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