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Usher had a lesson today

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It was very cold, so notice my fashion statement.



The ice was pretty hard and I was worried about the sheep's feet getting hurt and also Usher got a pad or two bloodied up, so we kept the lesson in the smaller pen where it had been worked up a bit.



My trainer came in to show "rusty old me" that maybe I should send a different direction due to the show being so heavy and stay around where it was less beforehe could plow (and I wouldn't fall down)



Usher didn't mind the snow, his pads are fine now. Can't wait for the rain and the bigger field.



Please excuse if pics are large. I got the new camera, but the class doesn't start until after January.

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He seems to do fine with all kinds of livestock- not taking him on cattle yet.


I did ask a question because I hadn't gotten much responses to this there. I made a thread in the Training Section (Most said "Go for it) re: working and snow-

I would love to hear "good or bad, not brutal" but comments- Also, when your boots stick in 4 inches, I don't think you should work the sheep- that's why we stayed OUT of the larger field. If any of you would like a link to my blog- just PM me. It's private, But I'd love to share with my friends.

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He seems to do fine with all kinds of livestock- not taking him on cattle yet.


I thought it was just me not know the difference in sheep. I looked at someone elses pics and originally thought goat then saw they were sheep. I thought I was losing my touch in the this is a sheep dept. lol I guess if I forget the cow goes moo I'll really worry :rolleyes:


Great pics BTW.

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Yes, there are some goats out there. They seem to break off from the sheep, which helps Usher with his "look back" and keeping them all together. At first we just worked the sheep, but this gives him a little more "thinking time" on how to keep the entire flock together. Thanks for the comment. It's a new camera. Nothing fancy and I'm still trying to learn how to work it. My BF took these. He's less shaky than I am. LOL

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