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Anyone going to Missouri?

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I looked in the trials announcements to see if the trial at the MacRae farm was there and to see if anyone was going. This will be the next closest for me until May it looks like, so I thought I would putt out there and do some more watching. just wondered if any of the fine folks from the boards here were going to be there...I plan to take bess again, as she did pretty good for the 1 day we got to go to the other one close to us. This one I'll probably get a room at a motel for cause it's a longer drive, and pretty much too cold for tent camping (for someone my age)

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I'll be in MO for this weekend but missing that trial. Should be a great one with awesome competors.

There is a clinic coming up in Butler MO the weekend of Dec. 6 & 7th. Hosted and run by Jack and Kathy Knox. It's probably full but there's always room for spectators at a reasonable price. If you're close to Kansas City MO you might want to think about going to that. There's some nice reasonable motels around Butler too.

Let me know if you want info on the clinic.

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Yes, I'd love info on the clinic. I got to go to the novice day at their trial(sat.) and watched. Bess needs work on basic obedience yet before I start her in herding training, but I sure would like to go spectate!


I'm thinking Mr. Holland might be on the line up a couple times in open catagory both days as well as Jack and Kathy Knox. That will be fun to watch!

it's a 4 hour drive for me, so I suppose I need to get my carcass into bed if I'm going to get there at a decent time!

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