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One thing that bothers me with the distance/accuracy format is the additional half point awarded if the canine is airborne when catching? I’m not trying to be a party pooper but if the dog can make the distance catch without jumping why are they penalized? It’s not distance/accuracy/jumping is it?


The main reason I bring this up is that at a “fun at the park” competition this guy comes up to me and said “you need to teach your dog to jump.”? All I could say was “sometimes I have a bad throw so he has to jump!” We won the event but what stuck in my mind was if I teach Blue to jump for the disc even though he doesn’t have too we will be more popular and get more points. Seems pointless for them to jump if they dont have to.

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Have you checked out the K9Disc forums? You'll probably get more discussion on a disc-related topic over there. As for the extra half-point for all 4 paws off the ground, I think the rationale is that athleticism is a big part of disc dogging in general, so the half point rewards a dog's athletic ability. As for training the dog to jump, some dogs are natural leapers and others (like my dog) not so much. I would focus on putting the disc in a place that encourages your dog to leap. For example, my dog will normally leap for the disc if it's right in front of him and slightly higher than the tips of his ears. If I put the disc too high, he tries to do a vertical jump, which he's not good at, and usually ends up missing the disc. There are many different disc dog events and Skyhoundz D/A is only one. If you're more concerned about distance and catching ability without any jumping involved, maybe check out the quad (I've never done it, but I don't think there are any points awarded for leaping ability).

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I guess I don't see the extra point for jumping as a penalty, but extra credit for the throwing skills and catch accuracy. It has taken me two years of playing with my dogs to develop a throw that is relativly flat for them to track and catch. They do jump for the disc but not that high, since my throws aren't that high off the ground. I want to continue to have fun with them long into their senior years, and right or wrong, I worry about the wear and tear on their joints with alot of high jumps and hard landings.


My other thought is that you don't have to do anything. What works best for you and your dogs? Are they any concerns about their hips or health? There is stradegy involved and maybe your scores are fine with a combination of the throws and catches you have.


Either way, set your goals, make thoughtful suggestions to the competition organisers, and have fun.


good luck

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River has really good accuracy and rarely needs to jump, so I totally get your point. But when I first started disc earlier this year, I was told that D/A is kinda the novice class to the freestyle where you want your dog to jump and be flashy.


I did however TEACH her to jump so that I can get the extra points.


I used her 'up' (which she already used for jumping agility jumps) and held a frisbee out in my hand. She jumped up for it. After a while I threw far enough for her to run a bit then used up (her chasing frisbee) and she leapt and snatched it. Then I applied to further distance. Now she generally jumps on her own as long as it's convenient to the catch of the throw. If I throw it and it archs towards her, then she doesn't jump - doesn't need to. None of her jumping is flashy, but it gets all 4 off when she used to use none or just 2.


If you know of any vids of freestyle routines that score well w/ out vaulting, I'm all for that too :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the feedback, thing is Blue has no problem jumping for the disc if I choose to throw it that way. I do agree it shows athleticism when a dog jumps for the disc, but it is a timed event that scores points within the time allotted. So I guess my point is why reward a jumping dog half point when it costs time?


Here is my breakdown @ 60 seconds (for Blue anyway):


When jumping he can usually get 4-5 which is = to 22pts-27.5pts


Not jumping he can usually get 5-6 which is = to 25pts-30pts


Again thanks for feedback

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Hi Boon,

I compete in disc dog comp. as well and just wanted to add my two cents.


I don't think jumping is something you have to teach them but more in your ability to throw the disc just right so that with speed of the dog running and the height of the disc, he has to jump. It takes lots of practice but eventually you will get to a point where you pretty much know what every throw is going to be and how your dog is going to catch it. Of course we all have bad throws and sometimes our dogs get a little creative in their catches. :rolleyes: But if you work on it a lot you will have a pretty good handle on it.


BTW, small brag. Hammie won his first overall dog at the Jackson County Dogtoberfest last month. He beat out 27 other dogs. We are so going to regionals next year. LOL.


and another BTW, if anyone else already posted this, sorry. I just skimmed through the post and then posted my reply as I am at work.



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