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Oh, Yeah... Halloween!

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I completely forgot how much I dislike trick-or-treat night since I got Buddy. All manner of strangers, walking by my front windows, dressed up in gigantic, bizarre costumes and frightening, staring masks.


It is kind of nice to remember how awful our first Halloween was, though. At this point, Buddy's reactiveness to the strangers on the sidewalk is almost like a weak memory of reactivity: "Oh... strangers outside... I suppose I ought to stand up and make my hair spike... maybe do a bit of barking. I wonder if The Lady is going to give me any chicken tonight? Maybe the cats will poop in the leaf piles again, and I can eat the frozen poop in the morning. What was I doing again? Oh, yes... I really do feel obligated to bark at those kids. What a bother, and this my nap time and all..."



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