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Sniffing srubs on walks

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My common sense says it's probably a bad idea letting Bandit sniff grass, srubs, bushing, during walks cause of risk of maybe developing alergies. I have been allowing him to do this cause it slows his pace down and he enjoys it.

I don't know if he has any alergies now, but he has had minor eye buggers since I got him Thanksgiving day. His eyes may have a little redness at times. Never been all white.

I used to give my large previous dog, Mindy, Benadryl for allergies. She weighed 130lbs. How much should I give a 45lb Border Collie if he does have alergies? Any advice would be apreciated.

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I give one regular Benadryl tablet (25 mg, which should be appropriate for a 30-50 pound dog). But I wouldn't be giving it if I weren't sure the dog was having an allergic reaction to something because it can have a sedative effect as well as other side effects. (Note: I am NOT a vet.) If you notice that certain bushes or grasses cause sneezing, coughing, whatever, then you can probably safely assume something about those particular plants bothers him and then just don't let him bury his nose in those....


As for sniffing in general, dogs use their noses to "read" what's gone before them on whatever path you take. If you don't mind him sniffing, then I see no harm in letting him do it, as long as he understands that there are times when sniffing is allowed and other times when you may just want to walk on and not stop at every bush, lamp post, mail box, etc. along the way.



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Hey Lance,


Is there any reason you think your dog may be developing allergies? Itching, hair loss, sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulties? I've never heard of just sniffing around on walks causing allergies. If that were so then every dog on the planet would have allergies as dogs sniff everything, it's just how they are. If your dog is not exhibiting symptoms of allergies then there is not reason to give him benedryl, remember, avoid unnessary medication as you may need it in the future and you would hate for your dog's body to have gotten used to it.


That being said, I don't allow my dogs to sniff on my exercise walks. I walk a couple of miles and if they slow down below a trot then I'm going too slow! :rolleyes: On recreational walks they are free to sniff around but if they glue their noses to the ground they do have to obey a "leave it".


Most dogs have eye crusties to varying extents. Some also don't have white white eye whites. If you are concerned you should call your vet and make an appt. for a consultation.



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Hey Olivia,

Thanks for your reply. Your questions leads me to believe Bandit does not have alergies. He is not exhibiting symptoms.

The area I live in, sooner or later many develope alergies. All my family members have alergies to pollen and such.

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