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Hey all,


The Western States Regional Sheepdog Championship is being held in Pendleton, Oregon October 3-5, 2008. For all the details check out the web site at http://www.bcollies.com/Regionals.htm We are all very excited to be in a new location at the Wildhorse Resort! If you plan on coming to watch and would like to volunteer to help a little, please email me at lora@rockingdogranch.com


This trial is now sanctioned and has been opened up to all open

handlers. Check out the web site for entry information.


Thank you and look forward to seeing you in Pendleton!


Lora Withnell

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Pendleton Or WOW- I would LOVE to go watch! Oh course, Usher would love to go "watch and learn" poor boy, probably will never be on sheep- what a waste. That's why he a neuter kind of guy. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get back to Oregon, see some old folks, are they still there? I HAVE Trialed there before. WOW. all this old gal has is memories. Pendleton Or Home Sweet Home!!!

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If Lora is helping with this trial, I guarantee that


1. It will be a 5 star trial

2. All logistic stuff will be well taken care of (lots of porta pottys, food, fantastic handler dinner, shade, etc)

3. Great set out, sheep etc.

4. You will have fun, whether as handler or spectator


I went last year and had so much fun. I was planing on going this year but my Heart Doc gave me the evil eye, when I said it was a 4 hr drive in a truck so I won't be going. We are limited to trials w/i an 1-1.5 hr away.


On a side note, Lora is so much fun. We will be bunking at a trial in 2 weeks. She graciously offered to bring her RV so I could stay with her at the trial site and not have to drive to a hotel. Otherwise I would bail as I don't want to drive to a hotel. I want to be able able to nap b/w my runs. Isn't it great to have a great friend such as Lora!! That is a true friend.



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