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Skunk Survey: Worse than ever this year?

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I am in NE Massachusetts. We've had a really rainy summer - lots and lots of days straight with thunderstorms and heavy rains. Finally let up some the last couple weeks of August. And the skunks are EVERYWHERE this year. I have to do my morning (5 a.m.) walk in the middle of the road, because I'm afraid Buddy will sniff a skunk out under a car, and get a faceful.


Any idea if heavy rain could have anything to do with an increase in skunk population? Anywhere else experiencing this?



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You just hate skunks, don't you?!


LOL... actually, if I didn't have a dog, I could be convinced that I like the little buggers. They're kind of helpless and pathetic, browsing around cleaning up trash. They scat (eventually) if at all possible, and only spray when cornered. My mother used to work at a nursing home, and the residents would feed the pack of local skunks. No one ever got sprayed. There was even an albino skunk in that group. They were quite friendly.


On the other hand, my dog seems to feel it's his particular purpose to catch him a skunk. He does, indeed, hate them. Which makes my life much trickier. ::Sigh::



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