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Sorry this may be long, but I'm bored at work.


My upstairs A/C decided to break down earlier this year, and I have just been lazy about getting someone in to fix it. I have just decided to live in a very warm room up till now. Well, yesterday here in Dallas it was near 100 degrees, so my bedroom was like a furnace at bedtime. I decided enough of this and decide to sleep on the couch downstairs where it was a little more tolerable. So after getting ready for bed I headed downstairs and switched off all the lights, well Zorra stood at the top of the stairs for about 5 minutes waiting for me to go to bed. I eventually got up and switched the lights on and called her down, she at first looked at me cocking her head from side to side, and walked halfway down the stairs. All this time with a with a very confused and concerned look on her face. I could tell she was thinking, "um...we normally go up there after we switch the lights off!!!"


Hee hee, sorry kind of long and pointless post, but work is very slow today.

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Hi both you texans,

I'm in Austin and its el-scorchio!

I hope you get your AC fixed asap! I die without any.

A couple years ago we had to get a new AC/furnace yikes its expensive, but a neccessity in this area! I spent alot of time at the big gracery store walking down the chiller isles just to cool down!!

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