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vent-I hate burr season

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Oh I just have to vent. This is the dreaded time of year when those nasty little burrs are in attack mode. Scout is drawn to any little patch she can find. (I think they must whisper her name or put off a smell that Scout can't resist) We pick out burrs 24-7. I have mowed or destroyed all that I can get to but she still finds more. :rolleyes: This last time she found a patch she must have rolled in them because she is covered and they are so embedded that I have had to cut them out. Maybe I should chenge her name to patchey! :D

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Uggg....Somebody understands my pain!!!!!


I can't find where they are picking them up and it's killing me. My JRT's are easy...a flea comb gets them right out of their wirey fur, but my bc is another story. Luckily he doesn't seem to pick up 1/2 as many as the girls but then the JRT's are always finding trouble.



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