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As many of you may know from my previous inquiries about kennel cough, Rune and Ido have been staying home sick from 'work'...


Well, having to spend the majority of my day away from my dogs has totally been unnerving me. My days are longer, I call my SO more often for updates, and my time spent at home with them in significantly more enriched since they are SO happy to see me and play after being cooped up all day.


Of course, Ido never, ever tires of the ball. She follows me everywhere, ball in mouth, just waiting for an opportunity. I exited the bedroom tonight, Ido was at my heels. I enter the kitchen, pause, open fridge--hear the tennis ball thud to the floor--I grab a drink, close the fridge, turn to leave, Ido snatches up ball, follows me out...I sit down at the computer, ball drops at my feet. Ball is repeatedly dropped at my feet until I take notice, and if I still don't get the point, balls start gathering, any round object is not safe, and eventually any object that remotely looks fetchable is resting beneath my chair in a neat, tidy pile, and I have this eager look to contend with:




At the apt we're moving out of, there is one long hallway leading from the back bedroom to the living room. This is what I term the fetching hall, because its the only long stretch of the apt that the dogs can run down to rtetrieve something. Its also where the deadly, evil, loathsome, ever-present felines lurk...at least, they're deadly, evil, loathsome and lurking to Ido. She wont go near her toys if a cat is in the hall, and pretty soon there is a stand-off...





Whats funny, is she will approach if I'm with her, but not on her own. The cat loves this, and will pop out of a room to startle her in mid-fetch, at which point Ido drops the ball, bolts to me, and peeks around the corner to see if the cat ate her ball...Rune, on the other hand, is MUCH more interested in the kitties. She lays at the doorway, watching...always watching, and when kitty gets close, she sits perfectly, perfectly still...I'd even guess she stops breathing. Its like she plays this game to see how CLOSE she can get...




And here is another pic of Ido requesting her ball be thrown, with Rune in the dorway behind her, staring down the kitty...




And this is whats waiting for me in the bed should I decide to go read...



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Those are some cool pictures. I love her nose. lol.

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