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I have wanted to do a jumping class or seminar for ages and it never fails that any offered around here are scheduled at times when I have mandatory work commitments or they conflict with something else that I already have set up.


I went ahead and ordered the new Susan Salo Foundation Jumping DVD and it's excellent! I highly recommend it.


Her approach is to teach the skills of jumping to the dog separate from handling, as is typically done with contacts and weaves but not so much with jumping. Her approach also creates a dog who finds jumping highly rewarding.


I haven't worked through very many of the exercises yet, but I've done the initial "set point" exercise with Dean, Maddie, and Speedy and all of us had a blast and I loved what I saw. I think that with this program, Maddie just might become a more independent jumper, and it's a timely foundation for Dean who is a pretty good natural jumper, but will benefit greatly from formal training on jumps. Speedy will just have fun with it with very low jumps.


You do need access to some jumps to work the exercises, but she actually encourages the use of home-made and odd looking jumps, so it's not like one would have to purchase competition quality jumps to do this program at home. If you are working with a puppy, you should use "speed bumps" instead of jumps instead of jumps with any height, but you can start the exercises with puppies.


Also, on the last DVD there is a PDF file of an outline of the entire program which includes diagrams of the jump grids covered in the video, info on spacing based on type of dog, and several articles that Salo had published in Clean Run.


It's not cheap, but it is more than worth the money and it is extremely reasonably priced for what you get. It is also highly user friendly.


Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Susan Salo or Clean Run. I'm just really, really, really excited about this program and wanted to let you guys know it's a fantastic resource.

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Thanks for that review, Kristine. I'm about to buy the DVDs, so it's good to have the input - to add to the very positive response I've heard from people here. I've noticed since I've had a very simple bounce grid up in my yard, that Fergus, who was a very flat, clumsy jumper, is learning to collect himself and jump with a more rounded style.

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These DVDs are going to save my Sheltie. He injured himself due to jumping too early through a tire and almost ruined his career (after only one trial!) After months of crate rest and strict supervision, we got lucky and didnt need surgery. I bought this DVD and have started working Yoshi 3-4 times a week with these drills. He has already started jumping a lot better after only one drill.


I highly recommend this DVD, even though it can be a little drawn out and boring. The drills are life saving. When Foxy is old enough to start jumping, she will be started with these drills.

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