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Daisy and I are in her 3rd week of classes for reactive dogs. It's an interesting mix, Daisy doesn't like other dogs and is shy/fearful of new things and has low confidence in new situations. Dog #2 is just plain bad mannered small breed dog, but still a pup. And Dog#3 just gets so excited over other dogs that his brain pretty much shuts off! Daisy did not do well with the first few sessions. I had to carry her through the door first day :D . She would not take any treats or respond to much, she was very nervous. She did however allow the trainer to handle her, which floored me, but it was a good sign. Today however, she was a star! No issues going through the door, taking treats from me and the trainers, responding and participating in the stuff we were learning. I was so happy and relieved to have this break through. She was even curious, not offended about the noises coming from the other dogs. (The dogs are separated by cubicle dividers so that we can work free and the dogs can't see each other, the are all about 10 ft. apart) The best part of all, she looked like she might even be having fun at one point! I know it's not much, but today I am so proud of the progress she's made and if it keeps up, we might have ourselves the nice little agility dog we've always wanted!! I hope I didn't just jinx us.. :rolleyes:



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That's awesome, Julie! I'm no expert, but it sounds like you're doing just the right thing to desensitize Daisy.


I remember the very last class of our first 6-week puppy class, which Buddy had watched from under my chair, ready to lunge and attack any puppy who moved too quickly. One of the other owners was sitting on a chair, away from everyone else, and Buddy actually approached her willingly and happily. I actually got tears in my eyes, because he had never done that before. It's such an amazing feeling when you see them moving forward.



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I took Kya through a sensitive dog class. The other dogs in the class had issues with attacking and shutting down. Kya was more sound and sight reactive.


She was started out behind an X pen with sheets covering it and as the weeks went by the sheets were taken off and towels replaced the sheets. Areas were left open so now she could not only hear what was going on but see as well. Long story short the towels were removed and only half of the X pen remained. By the 6th week she was able to go the whole class without an X pen.

This was HUGE.


I have continued with the same behaviorist and we are now in intermediate class. Kya still has some issues with other dogs getting too close or when they get excited it can put her over the top but for the most part she does very well. She has come a long way and I believe it is all because of how we started with the sensitive class.


It can be a long road but I wish you all the luck in the world. There can be a happy ending.

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Thanks for the positive support! I really like this trainer, she is no nonsense, but makes sure you understand everything properly. I do realize that my dog will only do well if I spend the time with her, but I don't think everyone gets that! :rolleyes: We will have some set backs, but as long as she is starting to learn that "life will be ok" even if we aren't in our own yard, I am confident things will work out well enough so that she can concentrate in other classes!


Mary - I teared up the first time Daisy sniffed another dog.... :D

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