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Squirrel in the house!

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In the spirit of the recent bunny thread....


So I have this bloody cold and yesterday I muster the remaining energy left in my bones to take Skye down to the park and whip the ball around for her for a few minutes so that I can come home and climb back into bed. We get there and this woman with dog on lead and a small child comes over to me and says, "would you mind keeping your dog on leash", I go what? She says, "There's a baby squirrel over there and it keeps following us! It's going to be ravaged!" She keeps saying, I don't know what to do!!! Long story short, I take said baby squirrel home with me (not before it escapes its bucket and runs around inside car with Skye wondering "What the Hay??!!") and now we have baby squirrel in house (in varmint cage) beefing him up on peanuts and sleep until he's strong enough to be placed back outside and frustrated enough so that he'll actually climb up a tree rather than chase dogs around dog park. Skye is quite "P"ed-off and refuses to stay in the same room with him. She will, when we are around, go over and sniff at him and then whimper, but jumps back when he climbs up on the side of the cage. Anyway, apologies to all of you who don't consider squirrels legitimate wildlife ... they are, however, very cute when young ... :rolleyes:


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My husband did that once! There is a squirrel nest in one of our palm trees, and during some rather fierce winds, part of the nest and 3 babies came tumbling out. Husband is a real softie, so he scooped them up, put them in a box, and brought them in until the winds calmed down. He kept the dogs out of that room... I don't quite know what Sasha would have done about interlopers like that!


Once things calmed down, he put the box at the bottom of the tree, and mama squirrel came and got them within a day or two. But not until he took lots of pics of the last little booger climbing all over him. Indeed, they are very cute when young.

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Similar thing happened to me. I was walking around my block and a little baby squirrel started following me and finally it climbed up my leg and I decided to carry it back home. I called Animal Control and they said they get a lot of calls about baby squirrels and their habit of following people or other animals. Apparently they leave the nest very very early and often suffer a little bit of separation anxiety. They said we could just put him back outside, so we kept him for a few days and let him out in our backyard.


Petey wasn't happy though for the few days the little guy was here. I think he wanted to eat him.

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