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  1. Sasha destroyed a coffee table and an area rug in 1 day as a terrible teen. I also replaced most of my bras, as she loved to dig them out of the laundry and chew up the plastic rings holding the shoulder straps on. It took me awhile to learn. Ah. Those were the days. Thank doG they're over! It also only takes about a mile and a half to tucker her out these days. Zoe, not so much. Ha!
  2. The vet behaviorist visit was fascinating indeed. It was a 2 hour long session, and I really liked her. I brought both dogs so we could watch them interact, and she basically confirmed my suspicions, and agreed that the upheaval has really been hard on Zoe, who feels like she should be the captain of the ship, but isn't sure enough of herself to do it well. That, and she has basically no impulse control. We got a lot of things to work on, mostly involving calming signals and reassurrance, and she put Zoe on Prozac, and a couple of herbal supplements for anxiety and impulsive behavior. Anyo
  3. Thanks guys. We just came in from a tiring game of fetch, so Zoe is calmly relaxing in her corner in the bathroom. Sasha acts like nothing is wrong. We are all calm and back to baseline this morning, but I'm going to be watching them like a hawk. Structure is probably right on target, so any more advice in that regard (especially in that it's just me, and my work schedule is like throwing darts at a calendar) would be great. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, As most of you know, I had to put my old GSD down earlier this month. His CCD was causing significant stress in the house, but now that he's gone, I may have an even bigger problem on my hands. Hence another long post. Sorry. Here's the short version: Zoe is 6. Sasha is 10. And Zoe has attacked Sasha twice this week. Sasha never seemed to be interested in pack hierarchy while Nik was around, but she certainly didn't take the other days' assault lying down. Basically, my cleaning ladies rang the doorbell, both dogs ran over, and in an instant, Zoe was on top of Sasha. We m
  5. So... I have been agonizing about this as you know, and a couple of thing have turned the tide, and I think I've made the right decision. Nik crossed the bridge this afternoon in my arms. We'd gone for one last short walk, and at one point, his legs went out from underneath him. And I knew. Thank you for your support. I've been bawling my eyes out all day, but I think it was time. D
  6. Perhaps not. Writing it out has helped, I think. We just got back from a walk. Nik tuckered out around .2 miles and it was a very slow amble the rest of the block. And he's lying in the shade in the backyard now. Perhaps it is coming sooner than I'd thought. And perhaps that's ok.
  7. I really appreciate all the kind words, all. I never really foresaw this, although thinking back, my own family dog was PTS at age 18 for really severe symptoms (I was away at college). I think what really made me start asking was that yesterday was the first time in awhile I've spent a really good chunk of time at home with them and it was the first time I'd realized that he really does look for me and assume I'm behind a closed door. Reminding him that I'm not really didn't help. He destroyed the door to the guest room last year (I think it was during a thunderstorm while I was at work).
  8. Ah, title should be Canine Cognitive Dysfunction... maybe I'm more sleep deprived than I think I am.
  9. Hi all, I need to bounce this off some fellow dog people (and maybe find a shoulder to cry on...), and this might be a little long. Sometimes it helps to just put it all out there, so here goes. So my big old guy Nikolai, who is a Shepard mix and has been with me over 11 years, and was 3-5 when I adopted him, has CCD. We tried some herbals, which helped for several months, and he's now been on Selegeline/Anipryl for about 6 weeks and using a DAP collar. The vet tried some B-12 and acupunture as well, now that I think of it. Anyway, he's been trending down for over a year. He has become pr
  10. My Zoe came down with a TBD last fall. The onset was dramatic - one day we were going on 5 mile runs, and the next she wanted to turn back after less than 1/4 mile, didn't want to eat, and starting hiding. I knew something was wrong but didn't know what. On the second trip to the vet, we talked about TBD and decided to try empirically treating with doxy as I live in a wooded area and had spotted a tick walking across the couch the week before. (ew. I hate ticks!) The vet said that she'd turn around about day 3 if it were a TBD, and her recovery was nearly as dramatic as the onset. The
  11. Sasha destroyed a lot of things as a puppy, but Nikolai, my 14 year old German Shepard mix is my counter surfer. He's trained me pretty well, actually... but... I ran my first full marathon in January, and had an assortment of energy gels in the MIDDLE of the kitchen table for some time. They'd get moved around, but I had quite a collection as I was sorting out what sort of nutrition I was going to need. I don't remember if it was the week of the race or the week after, but suddenly, the whole box went missing. We're talking 8 GUs, 4-5 Roctane gels, 3 packs of GU Chomps, some Cliff Bl
  12. Well, it's 2 months to the day since that fateful morning, and I'm pleased to report that Sasha has continued to improve. Much of is has been in baby steps, but I'll take it. The wound finally healed over, but it took a full 6 weeks. She's walking better, and just starting to use the FHO hip. The vet was sure she'd baby the knee, but the knee has healed up really well. She started swim and massage therapy last week, and will be going 2-3x/week for at least the next month. and... we went for our first walk today! It was only 0.2 miles on the map, but it's something! I took Zoe for a run
  13. Jo, Lying in the sun, soaking up the warmth... may my dogs be so lucky when they are called home. Godspeed, good boy. My heart aches for you, Danielle
  14. Hi, Rehab at this point is mostly passive range of motion stretches and very short, supported walks. Once the formerly-gaping wound has healed, my vet wants to do swim therapy. I downloaded some excellent rehab guides, but they aren't applying well in her situation due to the severity of the injuries, and we're barely to week 2 in the guides. She really doesn't like the range-of-motion stretches, that's for sure. One day at a time...
  15. Well, it's been a hair under 4 weeks since the Crash, and tonight was our first outing - Dog's Night Out at the local frozen custard shop, hosted by my vet's practice. She loved the custard, ate up the attention, although was ready to go before I was. Sasha is very slowly improving, although she is still not using the FHO leg much at all. She will bear a little weight on the knee, but really isn't moving more than about 10 feet under her own power at any time. She does this funny handstand to drink water, just barely touching her toe down. I'm still using my tote-bag sling to help her, alt
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