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New company coming in the house

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I am normally your average everyday anal retentive, uptight b*tch but every once in a while someone will come over and you think to yourself.. "I need to be on good behaviour". e.g. someone from the DH's job or a relative, etc.


Well, that is what happened, someone from the DH's work came over and so desperatly wanted Blaze to like him so, I did my best to hold my tongue when he put his hand in the treat jar and when he went into the pantry for the training treats. Well, he got what he wanted, Blaze was okay with him in the end.


BUT... Blaze now has an upset stomach, AGAIN!!


I have since told my DH that ANYONE that comes over is to NEVER give anything to Blaze, ice cubes only. Which he is fine with and understands.


I have also since moved all the treats to a difference location so that others no longer have access to them.


With the way that my mind works, I am also considering typing up some rules of the house to keep on the frig for anyone that comes over, but I know that is going over the top.


Please help, give me something that I can use to calmy speak to new company when they come over so that I am not being a complete... well, you know.

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I know I shouldn't laugh, but boy, can I relate! Except it's my DH and not any guests that is the culprit...

Do you use those liver treats for training? Skye used to get those very early on and they did a royal number on her stomach too. So much so we had to stop using them. Now when I'm trying to "train" humans in the house, I buy the tiny dog cookies and they get to feed her those *one at a time*. I have also seen people use Cheerios, or their dry kibble for treats. I think you're on the right track. HIDE the good stuff that only you can use and put the other stuff that is relatively benign out for all to see and use.

Sorry for the chuckle, hope her tummy is better soon.

Ailsa aka 'The Food Police'

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Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with just saying "I'd rather you not feed my dog. Treats can give him an upset stomach." No need to type up elaborate rules. It's your dog. Just calmly and politely tell your guest that he can't have treats. If the guest is offended, that's their problem--you're not being unreasonable. The other alternative is to put the dog in his crate or in another room when company is over. That way the dog is protected from any undesirable interaction with company.

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Had that issue once with my brother in law, just kept feeding the pups treats (the jar is in the kitchen readily available to all, well except the pups); well in short too many treats have the side effect of puppy gas, and he was sitting next to where they like to lay... :rolleyes: ... :D

didn't have to tell him again.

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