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  1. Was out enjoying my coffee one morning letting Hank out for his morning ritual, when we both saw the cat pounce on something in the yard. Well Hank runs over to check things out and the next thing I see is him tossing something brown and fuzzy into the air. Well as soon as it thumped back to earth the cat, who was watching this, jumped on it again and pinned it down. Before I could get over to where the fun (for them) was, they had done this about 4 times. Found that it was a mole, and not doing well by this time...so a garden shovel, a plastic bag, and the normal squeamishness the poor thing was dispatched and put out in the field for other critters. Over the course of the spring this occurred about 3 more times, no moles (at least in our yard) this year.
  2. I agree, we do not need another law that will only be targeted to fill the government coffers. There are already laws on the books that address this and other issues in a broader range. But alas, you cannot pass a law to encourage not so common sense. I also see it from another point of view, that of a former Paramedic. We used to call them "furry air bags", and I've had to extract a few after accidents. It only takes a split second for something bad to happen. Mine either are crated, or behind the barrier in the back. And loose dogs in the back of pickups makes my hackles go up (I know that there is already a law on the books in Ca that already is followed or enforced). OK now I will climb down off my soapbox.
  3. Had that issue once with my brother in law, just kept feeding the pups treats (the jar is in the kitchen readily available to all, well except the pups); well in short too many treats have the side effect of puppy gas, and he was sitting next to where they like to lay... ... didn't have to tell him again.
  4. Hank has issues with any object with a pull start, but only while they are running. Hates weed eaters with a passion, my other (shep/x) decided she likes to check out power tools, while they are being used. So so it's kennel time until the yard/house work is done. Did some time as a vet tech while in college so have seen my share of yard equipment accidents. As far as the quad goes; cars, quads, boats, and motorcycles are of no consequence, but they both traveled with me exclusively as pups as I was on the road constantly for work .
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