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Jett saw sheep yesterday...


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So, I was taking a lesson with Bill B yesterday, and asked if we might give wee Jett (six months) a spin around the sheep, and he said sure.


She went right to it -- no hesitation -- running nearly the entire time but without splitting or chasing for the most part. She went around them, and changed directions, and when two of them made a break for it she booked hard down the fence after them, got in front of them, and turned them back. I was able to get her to lie down on balance. She was only on them for a few minutes to be safe. We had to drag her away. Bill said she looked practically good to go although it would not hurt to wait a few months, which is what I'm probably going to do. I'm also not going to work with her without serious supervision because the last thing I want to do is screw her up.


We had fun! No photos, sorry -- I can barely get pictures of her when there are no sheep involved, much less while running around sheep!

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