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The Adorable evilness of Alex Part 2

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I love to fish. We've got a nice creek near our house and it's a great place to relax and fish. One Saturday last summer, Alex and I went down there and I fished while she checked out the woods. She won't go in the water until I tell her it's ok so I don't have to worry about her and fish hooks. Plus she doesn't go out of my sight in the woods. Anyways I'm not catching anything. It's one of those days where the fish are just laughing at you. So I put my tackle up and give her the ok to go in. She runs in and is snapping at the minnows in the water. Doesn't she come up with one! She even grins at me with it in her mouth as if to say "Mom this is how it's done." Out done by my own pup. Well she is a Border Collie.



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