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Hips Clicking?

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Hi All, I am brand new to posting on this board but a long time lurker. Currently we have a 5 yr old Siberian Husky and a 5 mo old Boarder collie, both males. I was wondering if anyone has heard of joints clicking at 5 months of age. It actually started at 4 mos. It doesn't bother him at all (that I can tell anyway and I have watched him pretty carefully) and it seems to click whether he is walking or running but not all the time, maybe about 50% of the time.

Is this something he will grow out of or is it par for the course with borders? The vet looked it over pretty well and just said to recheck it at 6 mos.


Any ideas?


PS I just love this site and all the wonderful info!

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I don't think clicking joints in a pup could be a good thing... I hope someone has some guidance for you. I had a foster dog who's "knees" clicked, he had a partial tear of the ligaments/tendons?. He had slight HD on one side as well. After he lost weight(he was double normal size) the vet didn't think he needed surgery to live a moderate lifestyle. He's a real low key dog. His big exercise is jumping on the bed. We ended up keeping him. He's about 10 now.

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Sooo I take it this may be an unusual thing or something he may grow out of? I am guessing that because it only is happening about 50% of the time it isn't a serious thing, hopefully! He is such a fun pup and soo caring!


We had a wolf/husky a couple of years back that was 13 yrs when he passed and we just loved the intelligence and the personality, that is one of the main reasons we decided on a Border Collie. We had hoped to get him into agility so hopefully this isn't a disabling thing.



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