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Can dogs get colds?


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After my partner and I have nearly expired from a nasty cold/flu for the past 2-3 weeks, I have noticed my dog Skye has been sneezing quite a bit and has just started having a yellowish discharge from one of her eyes.


Is it possible she has caught it from us? If so, is there anything I can do for her?


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Fergie had a stuffed nose recently. I tried to clean it out like I used to do for our kids. No luck.


Took her to the vet - got it cleaned and got antibiotics. But was also told to get something like Dristan nasal spray. The vet said that if I got to spray it once, I'd never get to again. That I should sort of tip her head up and drop some of the stuff in.


I must be good. Actually, it's Fergie who is good. Twice a day for just over a week, I'd get her into the downstairs bathroom - the powder room - and close the door. Then I'd hold her muzzle and tip her head just a bit down. This took sort of backing her into one of the corners. Then I'd spray the CVS generic version of Dristan up that nostril.


She hated it. But she let me do it - or gave up fighting fighting because she knew I was going to win. She did snort, lick her face, and roll her nose on the carpet.


She's fine now.


Because we are well into an extreme drought, none of us are running our humidifiers this winter. So we are all having nasal problems. Heck, even the cat is sneezing. But I'm not trying nasal spray on Maggie the Attack Cat!

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