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I have a 3 y/o bc who does fairly well in the novice class, however, when I go with him

on the field he usually doesn't stay with me real well. I think that he is so excited to

run after sheep that the that'll do command just goes out of his mind. Does anyone have

any could ideas on how to get him to stay with me. I really don't like to keep him on a leash

when I take to the field.

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I am not sure why you are using the "that'll do" command when walking out to the field/post? That'll do usually means what ever is being done is over, that's the end of it. I would try teaching him a heal command and working on it independent of working stock. Like in the yard. Start on lead and keep at it till you can let the lead hang loose. Then gradually add distractions of ever increasing intensity, till he is reliable. That should help you out. Good luck.

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Whatever command you use...do you make the dog stay with you as you are approaching the sheep when you train? If the dog is used to walking out to the stock and staying relatively near you (everyone has their own ideas on this--some want the dog behind, others don't mind if the dog is a bit ahead, looking for sheep), then going to the post at a trial is no different.



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