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  1. Reply from dog who stresses! I am very sorry t hat it has taken me so long to respond back. No I do not use for agility or flyball. He does not stress to bad at trainers, however, occasionallly he will eat a little manure. No he is very laid back type of dog, however, the trainer has said that he is very sensitive to my cues and pressures. Yes I am extremely nervous when it comes to trialing and sometimes even when practicing. I do not get to the trainers very often as I run a funeral business and I never know when I am needed also live about 2-2 1/2 hours from trainer. I play ball
  2. I have a 5 y/o border collie who I compete with in novice trials occassionaly. Do you have any suggestions on how to get him to stop stressing out so much. When he gets stressed it tends to grip at the sheep, eat manure, etc. When I practice with him at the trainers he does okay. Your input would greatly be appreciated.
  3. Dear Ms. Champion, I am a newbie to the world of trialling. The problem I need some guidance. My dog is a 5 y/o border collie. He trains fine for the instructor and me, but. when he is in a trial situation he freaks. His outwork is good but when it comes to the pressures of pen work, drive, etc. he almost always grips at the sheep. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your insight. Newbie in Dispair
  4. I'm still in the novice class, however, feel that I am improving greatly. Would like to know from the group how to teach the look back command. Your input is greatly appreciated.
  5. I was wondering if the group had any idea on who has the best tape or CD for learning whistle commands. Also, what is the best way to introduce those commands? Should you begin verbal/whistle commands off sheep or do them while you are practicing on sheep. Can you work on the lie down whistle, come here whistle off of sheep. thank you.
  6. Thanks for the info. Looking for a trainer in lower michigan or northern indiana
  7. I think they are mixture of sheep breeds. (hair sheep I think) Yes my dog and I did have obedience training. He has a good recall. I have about 50 acres fenced in for cattle, sheep, and horses. I have an arena about 80 wide x 150 long and some smaller pens. My dog is about 4 y/o.
  8. I am a novice (beginner) and was wondering what type of exercises I can do with my dog on his sheepwork. I currently have six dog broke sheep. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  9. I just read your question in regards to a trainer or help with your border collie in Michigan. I live in the southwest part of the state and go to a trainer near Williamston, MI. Her name is Jeanne Weaver. She is very nice and knowledgeable. You can reach her at (517) 468-2246 or weaver3@tds.net Kathy
  10. I have a 3 y/o bc who does fairly well in the novice class, however, when I go with him on the field he usually doesn't stay with me real well. I think that he is so excited to run after sheep that the that'll do command just goes out of his mind. Does anyone have any could ideas on how to get him to stay with me. I really don't like to keep him on a leash when I take to the field. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I have a 3 yr old BC who I have trialed very little, however, I take him to a reliable trainer faithfully once a week. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get him back on track. He always look back at me and does not want to continue his outrun. He either stops or decides to eat sheep poop, etc. Your advice would greatly be appreciated.
  12. I went to a trial this weekend (my first trial!) and Istarted pretty well, however, I was disqualified by the Judge because my dog decided of all the days to take a lesson is gripping at the sheep on the trial field of all places. I try to practice at home on my sheep, however, when you try to everything by yourself the best laid out plans to dont always work. My question is does anyone have any ideas on how to get my dog from doing this again? He is about 3 years old and on my practice field and the place where I go to train he doesn't grip. Your help would be greatly appreciated
  13. catfish


    Thanks for all the great information and ideas on whistles.
  14. catfish


    I have kinda of general question, what type of whistle is the best for a person to start with who has never used one before? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Thank you for your help with both the cd and whistle command help. I hope my husband and kids don't get tired of me whistling as we go down the road.
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