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Zipper is 1 year old Today

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Today is Zippers Birthday, He is 1 year old. IM really excited. im thinking of what to do for him tonight for his birthday. im going to be heading to the store here soon to buy him a few toys :rolleyes: I just cant believe in 2 months MArch 28th it will be 1 year me and him ahve been together. What do you do for your dogs Birthday? u take him places or give him stuff?

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Happy Birthday Zipper! What did you end up doing for him?


On Gypsy's birthday, we went to the shelter where I adopted her from to visit the rescue workers there, although they were a lot happier to see her than she was to see them! I got her a new leather collar and let her pick out a couple of toys.. well that's actually not true--she wanted to take home the cats wandering around! :D I got her a Cuz (how long till she breaks the squeaker?!?! Hopefully SOON!!! :rolleyes: ) and a couple other treats.. Then we took her to the dog park. Nothing fancy really, but she slept well that night.

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Happy (late) B-day Zipper!!!!


I always get something special for them. This year when Black Jack had his one year B-day (with me) I bought him a nice rawhide and a squeeker toy. I also made him wear a B-day party hat :D What we do to our dogs, huh? :rolleyes:

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