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Testing on a "Keeper"

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Well, Bailey is here to stay. MY vet wants to see her again after her meds run low and re-test her to manage her low thyroid. I want her healthy. I would rather do everything at once if she has to be knocked out. Teeth- she has tarter, maybe a hip x-ray. Of course they will do the blood work. Can you think of anything else that I need to test for to insure that her health is in order before I take on this task of this wonderful dog having a good life? She has enough pills for over a month, so no hurry in your response. I'm racking my brain thinking of every test possible. I don't want her under anesthesia more than once at her age. They "say" she's only 4-5, yet I still believe she is older. Thanks in advance. I put it in this section so I would get better responses.


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I haven't followed Bailey's story, but if she isn't microchipped you could have that done while under. When they do bloodwork you could have them test it for Lyme's and any other tic-borne illnesses.

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