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I may have some good news.

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I have been e-mailing with a lady that is interrested in Lucy or Missy or both? Not sure if she wants both or just one. She has a 1 1/2 yr. old male BC and she just had to pts her 15yr. old BC. I am so happy for the girls, but then I have had them so long, and I feel like an owner turning over their pet. I have had to do that once, with Otis. That pain will never go away! No matter how much I do for other dogs, the guilt of Otis hangs on. But, I did take the girls to find them a forever home of their own. And then there is the thing with their placement with those other people and them having to come back. And if they find forever homes of their own, I can help other dogs. But what about them? Does anyone have any idea what I'm trying to say? I feel like I am babbling. I think Lucy is the one I worry over the most. Missy is just a happy go lucky dog. I think she will be fine. But, the idea is to find them good, forever homes. Will they have a hard time? I guess, if it gets too bad they can always bring them back!

She is coming wed and bringing her dog. I guess I shouldn't even worry about it now! It's just a look see!


As long as they are happy, that is really the only thing I care about!

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I know what your saying. Everybody that helps or works with a rescue/shelter goes through that. It's natural. I would worry about someone if it didn't bother them! Your doing the best thing for the girls. Most people don't take that kind of time to find the "right" forever home. Tell me how Wed goes.

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I've had some foster kittens that have stayed with me till adulthood (clearing throat looking at DATCat over there...) and having had them for so long I didn't think I'd be able to let them go but when the right person came along for them it was easy because it was the right thing to do. I've had others that came and went so fast I can hardly remember what they looked like and were more difficult because the rightness wasn't quite so obvious but the match didn't feel "wrong" either. Then I've had some that I had for a little while and balked at the proposed forever home - thankfully I most often foster for a rescue that respects that gut twinge and refuses an adoption simply because I didn't feel it was right.


Basically, what I'm trying to say is that on Wednesday you may be hit with relief by how "right" it is, or you might be hit by a feeling of how "wrong" the match is... or it could fall somewhere in the middle and you'll have to figure out if you can let them go to her or to someone else. If you feel that the match is truly there then I promise you that letting them go will be hard but it will be very easy- if that makes any sense.


One of the kittens that I had fostered came to me with a broken pelvis, worms so bad she had bloody mucousy diarrhea, an eye infection so bad we weren't sure if her eyes would survive it, dehydrated, and a few other minor problems. Oh, yes, horrid ringworm. It took MONTHS to get her anywhere near ready to look for a forever home but once she was ready I didn't think I'd ever be able to let her go. Well, she's with her *right* forever home now and she's just the happiest most content baby ever. She even has her own golden retriever to play with. I do feel mild pangs of missing her when I think about her, but that is overshadowed by the knowledge that without me she wouldn't be there now and without letting her go I wouldn't be able to keep doing that for more and more babies that need it.



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