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So with all the to-do with Tessa... I was quite thrilled to see Oreo was in very good health!! Bright eyes, perky ears, no stumble to her step. Lazy as ever, but will hop and trot and dance when a cookie is nearby! She's 12, so I'm just tickled pink to see her acting so healthy. (Her coat is another matter, but she has an appointment with the groomer's on the 26th!)


Until tonight. We're watching a movie and dad is hand-feeding the two dogs (Tessa needs to be hand-fed now, so Oreo gets a few kibbles as well). Oreo was laying on the floor staring at dad when she tilted over about 45 degrees and she... well, twitched. Her head twitched, little quick twitches. It was over in less than 5 seconds, she immediately righted herself and continued looking at dad for more kibble. WTF was that??


Dad had told me she'd been "stumbling" once a week or so. I thought it sounded like an inner ear problem. But what I saw... made me think petite mal seizure. It certainly wasn't a full-blown seizure, not in the least... she didn't have paddling legs, no drooling, nothing like that. But then I looked up seizures and read that petite mal seizures are very rare in dogs.


Does anyone have any experience to tell me if that sounds familiar or not? I'm going to book a vet appointment for her, but I don't know what they're going to be able to tell me in just one visit... I leave on Jan 2. My dad... does not like taking pets to the vet. (He prefers his head in the sand.) He thinks it's "nothing" and just just "getting old." I think I am going to beat him over the head shortly. (My dad is a stubborn old fool sometimes, I swear to doG.)


I sure hope this is just nothing.

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Could it be the vestibular syndrome that old dogs get? That would affect balance, and it sounds like that might be what's going on here. Of course all we can do is guess, so I think I'd have a consult with a vet. There are a few things that could cause those symptoms, and many are old dog things like transient ischemic attack, stroke, etc. I'm sorry you're having to worry about this on top of what's going on with Tessa, but it may be something easily treatable. Good luck and keep us updated.



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These could possibly be focal seizures. I had a dog who had a grand mal seizure and then after that would have these focal seizures. You would see his face twitching or jerking.


Here are some web sites that describe focal seizures in people.








And here are some web sites that talk about them in dogs.







Hope this helps.



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Julie - I sure hope it's something simple and nothing to worry about... but after Tessa I'm a little on edge! I think I will take her in for a consult with a vet, she needs it anyways.


Kathy, thanks for those links!


At least they don't happen very often. She's still looking darn good for 12.

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I echo the vet visit - it could be a number of things.


My Golden has focal or partial complex seizures. Lifts a front leg, curves his body and is unbalanced. Would still be with it and it only lasted 20 - 30 sec at most. He would also act distressed and couldn't move except to look at me. :rolleyes: He is on phenobarb and hasn't had any since.


I have had inner ear problems and on occasion would tilt to the side as if losing my balance. Only lasted a few seconds and then went away. Very odd feeling.


Hope you get some answer at the vets.

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Well we haven't gone to the vet's yet... I asked how much a physical would be and they quoted me over $70. Holy mother. I know I've been away a while, but cripes their rates have increased. Considering taking her to my brother's vet, but I forgot to ask today what their rate was for a physical... was otherwise occupied with Tessa.


On the good side, she has not had another "episode" since that one I saw. Very weird. Dad says their frequency is decreasing.

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