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We're puppy sitting YAY!... Question though

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We have my friends 12 week old lab pup for 2 weeks while they go home to Holland and she is so cute! The beagles are fine with her, but Lily wants to play so bad, but is scaring the bejesus out of her. Lily is playing as she does with full grown dogs and this one is smaller then my beagles.


Any advice on how to keep the play appropriate. Lily does not seem to have realized that she's no longer such a pup herself.


I plan on taking them for some walks tomorrow thinking that will help, and just trying for lots of calm time. The good news is its not a jealous thing, just a why aren't you playing with me thing.




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Is the pup wanting to play, too? Does Lily like to fetch toys? I've been running into this with the pup I found the other day and my dog. My Stormy doesn't have anything against playing, but he HATES another dog trying to herd him around and when he's ready to come get lovings from Mommy he does NOT like a puppy crawling up his butt so we've been having to keep throwing toys for her and distracting her with things to play with that aren't getting annoyed. I'm very proud of my boy, though... I'd probably be much rougher with correcting her if I were a dog but he's getting noisy but staying very gentle about telling her "Ok, I'm DONE for now with you"



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Its kinda like that, though opposite. There was actually puppy play today, we had some bitey face and stick grabbing and such, it might work out fine. The funny thing is, Lily is the one who wants all of the playing, she's been living in this house with 2 old beagles (13 years old) and finally we have some young blood and she's exstatic. Now she does have the neighbor Bloodhound and Boxer (who roam free ugh) that she plays with and its a joyous wrestle match and race around the pond. She loves other dogs, she just doesn't seem to realize this one weighs about 15 pounds to her 50. She's a mix and a big one at that with 26 inch shoulders and her favorite move is the paw poke, reminds me of my son when he wants my daughter to chase him, and after taunting spin the butt in their face to block the bite. And you can imagine with the wee little pup this is a little overwelming. In the house the pup follows her around, and this morning's walk went a little smoother.


I think in 2 months, Massa (the pup) would absolutely love the Lilymonster.


How much should I stop Lily and how much am I overreacting when she squeals?

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We were just in a similar situation - had 3 10 week old lab pups that we were fostering. Zoe (35lbs) was in heaven letting them chase her, and crawl all over her... since there were 3, they could take turns ganging up on her which worked pretty well. When they'd yelp or she'd pin them down for two long, it didn't take more than a disapproving "Zoe..." to get her to stop.


Just keep an eye on them and do provide time outs for both puppy and BC - in our case, they each had crates where they'd go to recharge.


Have fun!


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