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Amazing 1st week changes

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As many of you know, Ceana has a lot of agression and fear issues. Poco has only been with us for 1 week and we are already seeing positive changes that are making Ceana more secure and confident. We just got back from the park and short frisbee session. The frisbee session was short because one of our neighbors and his JRT Max were at the park as well. The three dogs played together & Ceana shared her frisbee with Poco & Max! :rolleyes: We are still having some squabbles at home, but I am sure that will change with time.


Ceana has always taken her bone away and hid from us, but since we have had Poco ( he is a social chewer an he brings the bone for you to hold or will chew at your feet) Ceana will sit next to me on the couch with her bone. She comes when she is called , lol heaven forbid Poco gets there first, and she now brings us the ball during fetch! Now if only she could teach Poco not to pull on a leash and potty train him and we would be set!


Thank you all for your wounderful advice. Without your input and incouragment I probably would have never brought this sweet boy home.

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