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Introducing Molly

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Well its time I came out of hiding, :D most may know me from the other board, I’ve fostered for about a year now and finally failed and I might add happily. :D Molly is my second foster from Mary P and my 6th since I started and we are very happy with her, thank you Mary. :D


Introducing Molly…8 months….


Ok Mom, squirrel is DEAD!








Molly recently ‘discovered … mud… :rolleyes:




Mommy, mud is delicious… :D




Once we have clothed ourselves in mud to hide our doggie smell, we hunt the dragonfly :D




When we are done with the hunt (and bathed) we go home to play with our kitty “Chloe” :D








Now I have read from some posts here that letting her exert her energy as she sees fit.. ie the dragon fly hunting may not be the best thing for her. Esp with her present recall and obedience skills. (I have curbed the desire to car chase thank god)

I’d love to try her on sheep but I live in South Florida… I have heard of a farm in Boca Raton that allows you to try your herding dog on their sheep/livestock for a fee but no one seems to know just where they are or the name of the farm… has anyone heard of this farm in Boca or know of a good sheepdog training farm reasonably close to me?




Molly has beautiful eyes, one brown and one blue... but you can't really see them in these :D Mary has a better picture of her eyes.

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Molly is beautiful!!!! I've had 2 blue eyed gals. One had a stripe of blue running through her brown eye and the other one pure blue. No one asked me about her, but my bald faced - one blue one brown, I was asked if she was blind. No! AND. I actually know a few humans with one of each. Beautiful Molly !!!

P.S. She looks so happy- can I have her?

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At my boyfriends house. LOL.

His cat is always enticing Usher. First the slow wag of her tail while she's in the window, then the slight "paw" through the curtain, till he reaches the bait and she paws him. He finally learns.... Cats, they are smart and evil.....Then she pokes her head around the curtain.....HA, he had it figured out. It's really funny to watch. Smart cat!

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:D Molly loves belly rubs!....


(Turbo kitty) Chloe is a rescue, and she is a race cat... :D she runs through the house over the furniture with Molly sliding across the tiles trying to catch her. :D It took a few days for the adjustment but they play well together. My older cat just walks around with a constant low growl (sour pus)


I've been asked if Molly was blind also, :rolleyes: but she can see a bug a mile away. :D


No you can't have her! :D It took me a year to find my forever and I'm not giving her up.... :D

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Welcome out of lurkdom, Amy! It's great to have you here. I am *thrilled* that Molly is a keeper! Now we can see her all the time. :D


I seem to recall a trainer somewhere in south Florida, or if not south Florida, at least south of me. :rolleyes: Uh, but now I'm blanking on where...

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Hey Amy. Sorry I missed your post. Someone else told me that you had posted about Molly here. She looks very happy. Who wouldn't be happy to dig in all that mud?!


I don't know of anyone in your area that offers herding. There is someone in Okeechobee, but I'm not sure if they offer lessons and that's still a bit of a drive for you. The problem is that in your area of FL there are basically two things, urban sprawl and the Everglades. There aren't many farms that I'm aware of. There are some farms in the Homestead area, but I think that they are mostly vegetable or tree farms. I'll ask around, though, to see if anyone knows of a place near you. Molly actually has seen sheep once, I think. I'm not sure how she did. I wasn't there.


Anyway, here is a picture of her that shows her pretty eyes a little better. :rolleyes:



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Oh don't sweat it, I have a life too :D (although I seemed to have misplaced it with Molly) :rolleyes:


Anything within an hour & a half radius is ok with me, it wouldn't be more than once a week and that only if it makes sense.

So she's seen sheep already? Well, then it will be all the more interesting. :D


Your right we have mostly food farms, orchards, corn and plant nurseries, and the occasional cattle ranch. And not too many of those, a lot of farmers down here couldn't afford to turn down the money they were offered for their land during the recent construction boom. :D

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