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Welcome to the board!


Since all my border collies have been pets, I can say that I find them very suitable this way. :D But, as you may already know, a lot depends upon the individual dog's personality. Of all the pet BCs I have had, I think one would have been happier in a working home or with someone who competed with her in some way (agility, for example). As a result of me being young and in school and not recognizing her need to have a "job," she did have some behavior problems when she was younger. However, we managed to sort it out, and now she's a happy (and still energetic) senior citizen.


My first BC, on the other hand, had been returned to his breeder after being placed in a working home because he was more interested in sitting on the couch than in working the sheep! So he was a very good fit for my house! :rolleyes:


Are you thinking of getting a BC? If so, you will find a lot of great resources here. Best wishes.

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Hi, In addition to reading through the posts on these boards, I would recommend that you look up some internet sites of various border collie rescues - these guys are the ones perhaps most aware of the problems that first-time bc pet owners run into, and they have tons of good advice and resources on their websites. Please make sure you do A LOT of research before you make the decision to get a bc. Good luck.

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Mine have always been pets first but we've also done obedience, tracking and agility together. Kate and I found agility because she HAD to have something to do with herself; her litter was one of those that was bred because her breeder wanted another working dog, he chose her brother but he should have chosen her. BCs can be successful as pets if you're willing to listen to what they need. Exercising and training is just a given in our lives.


OTH my sister, one of the least dog-oriented people I know, has a 7 y.o. male rescue BC and they couldn't be happier together. He was trained for agility by my instructor but he never could see the point of putting out that effort, now he's a lazy, pampered pet and he fits in perfectly with them.




Petra is right that a rescue is a good place for you to go, they usually know their individual dogs and can help guide you to the right one for you.

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Annie is a "pet", i.e., she is a companion dog, and is the product of working dogs that also proved themselves to be excellent companions as well. She has proven to be one of the most affectionate and adorable dogs we have ever had. With that said, a Border Collie must have a job to keep it occupied, and also needs a lot of regular exercise. The job can be anything from herding to agility to SAR to retrieving balls (Annie's favorite sport). If you do not give a Border Collie a regular activity to keep it occupied, it will make up its own; and you may not be pleased with the results...

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