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I thought I post the link here, in case anybody was interested.




I love these videos, as well as some of the other training-progress videos by good trainers that are beginning to show up on YouTube now. I should think they would be fascinating to everyone. Not just working stockdog folks, but also those who've never even seen a border collie working, or have seen it but have wondered how these dogs are trained and what a well-bred dog brings to the process. Jon Katz, if he truly believes his own bizarre description of how sheepdogs are trained by the "border collie snobs" ("Every move they make--the way they sit, at what distance from the sheep, how they hold their heads--results from intense, almost relentless training. I used to watch in amazement as trainers waited until a dog's head was pointed in precisely the right direction, then click a clicker, over and over again. This formal training can yield some remarkable results, but it isn't for me. Rose and I have found our own way.") could learn a lot from watching these videos -- not that he ever would.


Please keep posting them, Denise!

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