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long time no write. Ellie is coming along really well. She still is a leery but on a scale of 1-10 she is about an 8. I have been home for a week so everytime I go to the house and she runs out I let her out and go play ball or now since then snow hit the ground frisbee, not her favorite. She will come to me in the fields and take a treat, fried chicken a favorite. When we are in the house she will even come in with me there. Once Lefty has her on the couch I can feed her special treats and scratch her head all the while saying good scratch good head scratch and she will respond to that in the field. As time progresses she will be able to do that all on her own near the house. Now it works best when out in the pastures. SHe comes to a whistle though not right to me YET. The charm for fearful dogs seems to be doing quite well. We have been doing a remodel so having the extra noise and other people with a dog and all the noise has been a great help as well. Goose hunting has started and she has no fear of guns but any loud noises in the house, dropping a fork etc., will send her out the door but then she'll come back in.


I do appreciate all your advise and help. I have been using target in the fields and slowly changing it to come and she seems to be getting that all right. Darn Gemini's never know if she is just the Princess or not understanding. If she wants to go out to play she will now stick her head in the dog door and whine. We have also been able to get some good eye communication going. This is her training me and that is all right with me. WHatever works. When other dogs come over she will herd us all into a small group with that special border eye reserved for any other female.


All in all progress has been amazing over the past few months and eons away from the first 3-4 months.


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Thanks for the pupdate :rolleyes: Ellie seems like she's really comfortable with you now. She sure is coming along. It's always good to hear how well they are doing. I remember when Black Jack started to trust me. There's nothing like it. Keep me updated on her.

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