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We watched our first agility compition

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We were recommened by some folks from the AZ BCR to bring Ceana to an agility trial this weekend so we could have her meet some of their dogs. (We are hoping to adopt another dog and the rescue folks wanted to see how her interactions would be with different types of dogs.) I was really nervous that Ceana would have horrible manners and everyone would look at us and think "why the ^&&^ did those two bring that rude dog?"


Ceana pleasently surprised me. She did not bark at any dog the entire time, I could tell she thought about barking, especially when some of the other dogs barked at her, but a quick leave it was all I needed to say to refocus her away from the other dogs. She met two of the rescue folk's BCs that were compeating, and though she had some anxiety she did not lunge, growl or show her smile!


Even more interesting was her responce to the events. She was pretty indifferent to everything around her, until the dogs her size started doing the course. My dog was glued to their every move! She whined a bit (very quietly) but in an excited way when a dog would come by where we were sitting. At one point she tried to pull Chris towards the arena/set up (I have no idea what you call it.) LOL she wanted to play this new game as well. After we get a clean bill of health on her hips we may try and revist doing agility with Ceana. :rolleyes:

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