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Our Molly isn't registered, but both her parents are and we got copies of their papers when we got her. With the lesson coming up on Sunday, I wanted to try to figure out how good her bloodlines were, but I'm not really sure how far it makes sense to go back? Her closer ancestors do not show signs of titles, but further back there are lots of them. Can anyone help me out?


Her father is Ben with DKK reg 20629/2000 and ISDS 253589. Ben's dam seems to have some nice sounding titles, but I'm guessing those are primarily Danish ones.


Her mother is Eve with only the DKK reg of 14099/99. The system isn't completely filled with data for Eve's ancestry, but I have it on my copy. Her sire's sire is Ben (ISDS 178302) and dam is Jess (ISDS 195063). Eve's dam's sire is Tweed (ISDS 194137) and dam is Bet (ISDS 191991).


So are we looking at lots of bred-in potential for a good working dog or what?


Also, do we have any chance of getting her registered, especially ISDS? I know it would cost more, but if she does work well, it might be worth it.


Any feedback would be appreciated.



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Check with the ISDS website to see what registration information and options might be available to you, and what information/forms would be required on your part and that of her breeder.


I haven't looked recently but I know that some registries will not register animals over a certain age without an ROM (Register of Merit, or proof of working ability) and, of course, I am sure you would need signatures/forms from the breeder for any registration possibility at all.


Just because her parents were ISDS-registered doesn't mean she comes from good stock or conversely that she doesn't. You might be able to get information on her parents as you have their ISDS numbers but I am sure there is a fee. At least you might be able to get their breeder/owner names and information about further generations back if you request and pay for the pedigree information, if it is available.


I do not believe that ISDS, like ABCA, includes any form of "title" on registration papers except for National and Supreme International winners (which have a symbol recognizing the higher of those two accomplishments).


Please check the website for details. It is pretty helpful.


Best wishes with your training!

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How old is Molly? The ISDS will not register a dog older than two except on merit, which is very difficult to achieve. Even if she is under two, I doubt the ISDS recognises DKK registrations, which again would mean ROM would be her only possible route to registration.


I have no idea what is required to get titles in the DKK, so I can't help you there. Generally, I would be looking at accomplishments of parents and grandparents, and would not expect much based on anything further back than that. However, all of that is no reason to think she's lacking in ability -- you'll just have to find that out from her. Looking forward to hearing how her first session goes.

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Thanks. I will look into the ISDS registration info and also just see how the lesson goes.


I was wondering how far back to take seriously because her pedigree if I go further back does have a lot of big titles listed but I didn't know if I should get excited about those. On her mother's side, she's got ancestors like Craig (ISDS 59425), Wisp (ISDS 161487), and, of course, Winston Cap (ISDS 31154). But like I said, that's far back. I'm also guessing those dogs got used a lot. Craig and Winston Cap show up multiple times.


I forget what there was on her father's side and the Danish pedigree site is down at the moment.

But I will wait until Sunday and see how it goes. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!

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