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Thanks very much to Jeanne Weaver for her great answers and months of dedicated expertness. :-) We're very lucky that Bev Lambert has agreed to take on the expert mantle for a shift. As one of the top-ranked handlers in the country, Bev needs little introduction. Let's give her some great questions to keep her from being bored with us!

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First, Id like to thank Jeanne, the advise she has given me, and others has helped me to grow as a handler. She has provided us with new insights and techniques, and more over, my dogs thank her. I am excieted to hear Bev Lambert is coming aboard for a bit. I saw this lady and her good dog Bill at Meeker a few years back, and I will never forget the inspiration she instilled in me that day. Some thing like 23 seconds left on the clock for the pen, and she sends Bill to the water tank to cool off. Calls him back out with I think 13 seconds left to pen. I was at first on the edge of my seat, and when she got the pen with 2 or 3 seconds left, I litterally fell out of my seat. It was nothing less than spectacular, and gave me some thing to aspire to. I look forward to picking her brain, and hearing her advise. Darci

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