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Hi all!


I hate having to do things over and over so I built a excel sheet calculator. Can you take a look and make sure I've included everything. You'll notice the averages are about the same as the sites say to use. I added .05% increase to make up for rounding.


The upload wouldn't work so here's a link to my temp site



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It works for me.


Let me tell you though, if your try to feed percentages over a daily amount you will drive yourself absolutely batty. The beauty of feeding a RAW prey model diet is that it just has to even out in the long run. I do mine on a weekly schedule which works out to be roughly 4 days of meat, 2 of RMBS and 1 of organs. If I forget to buy organs I feed it twice the next week, if I only have meat then thats what they get for a week and I increase their bones the next week. I know people who feed it over a monthly schedule but thats a bit too spread out for my liking. Some people like to feed a chicken neck or something similar each day as it is the bone that provides the hardness to the poo but I have ever had a problem with loose stools with my dogs and I have been feeding this diet for over a year now with 5 different dogs. Plus Rose the cat.


I have this chart on my fridge. Every meal I write next to it what they had (c= chicken, f= fish, l= lamb, b=beef, k= kangaroo) so that I dont feed them chicken all week etc. I write breakfast on the left, dinner on the right, although they usually just get one meal as Im lazy so I write both the same time :rolleyes:. Any extra stuff I added gets written down the bottom (e= egg, y= yoghurt). It is easy to keep track of what they have had this way and I dont double up too much. I have a similar one for the cockatiels as I feed them a very natural diet too.




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