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  1. Saki has been doing great with the frisbee training and her speed has doubled. She's getting ready to turn 8 months so only 10 more months until I can start teaching her to jump & catch. The funny thing with her right now is that she tries to catch the frisbee with her paws. If it's any higher than a foot off the ground and up to head height her runs to it and tries standing on her back legs and grabbing it with her front paws. It's absolutely crazy looking when she does it and I can't help but laugh. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it as she starts jumping higher. Anyway just thoug
  2. Is there any known issues if your BC starts drooling like crazy? It's like I'm holding a treat over her head at all times. Her crate was soaked yesterday and this morning and she's up-to-date on all shots for only being 6 months. She acted fine, hopping, barking, playing but she's like Hooch in the movie "Turner and Hooch" and watch out if she shakes her head, OMG it goes everywhere. suggestions?
  3. I'm so proud of Saki, potty training has been an up hill battle. I've never been able to leave her more than one hour without peeing or pooping in her cage. Letting her hang out in the house was out of the question but yesterday I kept her out of the cage and let her roam the house, she impressed me by pacing back and forth in front of the door when she needed to go out. Today I had to go to a party and it lasted a lot longer than what I'd expected, 7 hours! Coming home I was expecting a total mess with I walked in and to my surprise she was sitting there waiting for me and no mess. I too
  4. All your advice is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I decided to ask for help on this. I'll skip the Sunday session and talk to the people here at work. I'll see if they don't mind me giving out treats so that when they see Saki they'll toss her one. I just need to be careful here, everyone is great and there's around 100 employees in my office but you never know if one of them goes and complains to the president.
  5. I'll try that but I have one additional problem that makes it very hard to pick her up or do this at work. She pees when scared.... ;( maybe a doggy diaper?
  6. damn, I did just that "Make sure to not reinforce her being scared though by cuddling her"..... Should I just ignore her?
  7. many of you already know that a kid down the street shot my dog with a bb gun which I've taken care of that. Now she's got issues! I took her to work this morning and I walked in the front instead of the side door. There were some people standing at the front and she freaked out, I thought she was going to rip my arm out trying to pull the leash. I'm planning on taking her to church Sunday so let the kids play with her to get her used to people again. Is this the correct method? Thanks Rick
  8. I do have another question: the online raw calculators are telling me for a 22 lbs puppy I should be feeding 8-10 oz a day. Is that 8-10oz per each feeding, morning then night?.... or is that total .oz per day?
  9. Saki looks great I but I'm feeding her high dollar store bought food and I've heard that raw was better. Her coat looks ok but it's not shiney. The flaking skin issue was solved by giving her a teaspoon of fish oil once a week. My main concern is that I love my dog and want her to have the best possible diet but I don't want to go broke. As for the vet, she said that dry food from Walmart would give my dog for than raw, I thought that was very odd. I'll keep reading more stuff but like I said before I don't have a lot of time to spend on food prep. ;(
  10. I'm not getting good info off the net and the local vet here told me "DO NOT FEED RAW, BAD BAD BAD!" hehehe I'm thinking of changing vets. Anyway, I was looking at the Barf 8 oz patties for my Saki. She's 21 lbs and if I have this right a single 8 oz patties once a day for her current weight is what I'll need to feed her. My question finally is, does anyone has any experience using this patties? They have meats, vegs, oils, and suppliments in them and it is about the same price wise compared to dry food. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rick
  11. what's the best thing to give a border collie to make their coat nice and shiney?
  12. I didn't let her roam, she goes out side with the kids to play and she ran off after the cat next door. the picuture is Sean C. (James Bond dude from a post WWIII 70's film)
  13. Saki potty trained pretty easily, inside the house when she needs to go she gets inside her crate and howls to alert me she needs to go outside. The problem is the garage. Whenever she gets in the garage she pees all over it. How can I stopped this? Please don't say keep her out of the garage because we leave it open during the day so the kids and play.
  14. It's been a few months since my last post so I'll bring you up-to-date I used this boared to reseach and find my dog Saki. She's the perfect 5.5 month old pup, at least to me she is... Anyway, from the day I got her I've been teaching her sign language when giving commands. now the story. Everything was going great until about 3 weeks ago when all of a sudden she wouldn't come to me. Matter of fact when I gave the come command she'd bolt to the nearest hiding spot. I was stumped and it was starting to bother me. Well one of the kids (age 15) down the street stopped by the oth
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