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Update on the "Ushmeister"

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The movers came Wed AM. Luckily, I really liked they guys that helped my Mom, so I asked for them back. They made it less stressful for me. Poor Usher spend most of the day in his crate because of the doors being open all day and I had to tell them what went and stayed for the Idaho Youth Ranch. (garbage. too) They had me all packed and loaded into the truck by 2 PM and drove over to Meridian and unloaded the beds, set up etc... boxes in kitchen. Most said "Dog stuff and crap" or "kitchen misc."

Usher pooped!!!!!! He's taken the move (sorry about the pun) very well. I was less worried with my other dogs than him (being an only dog) Got his first "zoomies" Saturday night in the new place. The park is 2 doors down.

I did my first "bad owner" my other neighbor has an old poodle, hardly ever goes out and Usher just stays by me on the walk to the park (no leash- my bad) well, we were playing tennis ball- he spotted the cute poodle and zap- he took off. The guy was so afraid for his dog and I don't blame him- a 14 month old big pup running at your little dog 100 MPH, but I yelled "Lie down"- it's better than his recall-LOL. He dropped on a dime. I was proud, yet embarrassed. Took him home. Apologized to the neighbor and said I was sorry he wasn't on a leash. He told me my dog was very well trained- I had him fooled. :rolleyes: I said he's only 14 months and he said "well, that explains him wanting to be so friendly. I told him we should meet up on leash next time because Usher really likes other dogs and their old poodle "Rosebud" seems to like him.

Haven't met up with the other BC owner- it's frisbee and tennis ball at the park and obedience when I can fit it in. I'm unpacking my house first, I have about 12,000 pounds less than Mom. We have a code with back porch lights when she's up, then asleep-off. So far, we haven't shopped. It's been fast food and donuts. I go over in the morning, take her a breakfast jack or donuts and make her coffee then chit chat- we unpack as we can. I'm almost done with all my "bookings" bbsitting" etc. Got the son married off etc. So now it's time to get "settled.

Wish me, my Mom and Usher luck.


P.S. The youngest son comes back from Maui late tomorrow night. There better be some good pictures of the wedding waiting at home. I only had a few on my camera posted in the coffee break section. Wow- missed my Internet.

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That's great. It sounds like you really settling in. I'm so glad he's doing good in his new home. I bet he loves it!! Enjoy your new house, and send pics too :D


Congrats on the poop. I knew he couldn't hold it forever :rolleyes:

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yea. going back & forth between the houses it was difficult to tell. Before I used to "let it go" in the big yard. Now I'm a poop & scoop lady. We're adapting and thanks!!! It was a loooooooong read, but I'm trying to catch up. 4 days no computer. :rolleyes:

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Congrats on the move and on getting Usher pottying so fast. Molly is difficult on day trip so I can only imagine what it would be like to try to move with one... ARGH!


I really hope the relocate helps with things with your mom and gives both of you enough space of your own to get a good relationship going. Good luck helping Usher make dog friends. I really hope your mom can make some human friends of her own too.


Good luck!


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