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I Caught Archie!

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Well my friend decided that she did not think she could take on an escape artist type dog, with issues, that needed more work than she had time for.


So this morning, I called my local Humane Society, Spokanimal (one block over from our house) and told them the WHOLE story.

Then in turn, told me that the Priest River animal rescue had been calling them at Spokanimal, for awhile now looking for and try to get Archie back.


So I went out and called Archie and he came right away (but needed a little persuasion to get in the big scary Animal Control truck).


He did not want to leave my side. I had to walk beside him the whole way to the truck. It broke my heart!!!( I swear, I wish I could take away all their pain!!).


Man if only I had the room and time...he is just the sweetest thing. He gets along with ALL animals, people & kids! (I know, I know you can't save them all but I would love to try!).



It took me a month to catch him but I got more attached than I knew.


However, husband and daughter have spotted another BC mix that has been hanging around for about one week now, so the work must go on...

A new day- a new stray. So many need help...

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Well at least he's not roaming along on the streets. It's always hard because no matter how hard you try not to, you always get close to them. But he'll find a good home soon I'm sure.


You never know, you may have room for just one more :rolleyes:

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I know he is way better off now. I'm sure he will find a great home as he is very sweet and loving and gets along with other dogs, people and cats great!

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