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update on Whiley

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Hello, I just thought I'd give you all an update on my BC who was recently found after a month of being away. She is doing great, She walks with her head up and her tail wagging now. She walks with me to my sons school to drop him off and does great. All the kids and teachers love her. One teacher even brought her some treats for Halloween. She sits nice as the kids pet her and even stays sitting when the bell goes off and 100's a kids start running to the doors! She knows all her basic commands again, She is doing great with "come here" when before she would run and hide. Her housebreaking still could use some work. She will wait until I'm not looking or hide somewhere to go even though I take her outside a lot and give her space and privacy. She is still not very active and likes to lay around the house, but she will be more than happy to go for a run whenever you want. She's also not as skinny, you could feel her ribs before but she is much healthier looking now. She seems afraid of most men. She is a big suck now too, she always is poking her head towards you for a pet. She will come sit right on your lap if you are on the floor. Overall she is doing great, we will keep working with her. Oh and she's been stealing all my shoes. She doesn't chew them, just brings them to her bed and hids them. She knows "drop" now as well which comes in handy for this, but she is pretty sneaky with it.

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Glad to hear Whiley is settling in! She is almost like a rescue at this point in the fact that while she was gone you don't know what she went through or what things happened to her. Poor thing. She is probly taking your shoes for reassurance. Well, probly not but it's a nice thought! LOL I would suggest to keep things as close to how they were before as you can. I don't know about the house breaking. Why she is doing this. Hope she gets it resolved. Have you taken her to the vet for a check up? Maybe ask him if she has a UTI? Might be worth it.


Enjoy having her back! You are one of the lucky ones!

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