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I am working on my Christmas and Birthday wish list for my mom and wanted to wish for some good books about working BCs, so I was checking out the FAQ. It is from 2003. Could some of you with experience with these check out the FAQ and update it a bit? It would especially help with specific titles on the Derek Scrimeger (sp? because I've forgotten) books so newbies could know where to start. I can imagine some more might be out there now than there were in 2003 or that some of you might have had time to read some you hadn't read when the FAQ was first made.


Thanks bunches! I just want to save everyone from having to go through this topic over and over.

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Bexie, you are so right that that FAQ is out of date!


Actually, we have been planning for some time to add a Books & Videos forum to the Boards. That would keep the "media" information all in one place and make updating and feedback easy. I will regard your post as the kick in the pants I needed to get going on this, and we will get it up by the weekend at the latest.

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