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Anyone know the link to that Aussie forum?

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So a virus killed our computer, so to speak, which forced us to completely wipe everything. So far, I've only found 3 forums that I used to frequent (the latest one I only found yesterday), but it's the Aussie forum that's really driving me nuts. The Aussie forum and this BC forum where the two that I'd frequent the most, of the list of forums in my Favorites list, anyway. So it's driving me nuts, I KNEW I should have written down the links, but I didn't, and now I'm paying for it. But I know there are other fellow Aussie-board posters here, so I'm hoping someone can PM or email the link to me if they can't post it on the forum (spamming issues or something)


I can't really remember anything useful about the Aussie forum, except that I think the name starts with an M, or maybe an A? And there's a Riven there. Other than that, nothing useful to help others understand WHAT forum I'm talking about, lol

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