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  1. Wow. Now, *that's* a "look back." Now I feel silly being so proud of Mojo's "look back" to a ewe that was about 3 feet behind him, but I guess 3 feet is better than no feet!!! In any case, your video was very inspiring...maybe someday I'll get to experience the thrill of sending a dog back a few hundred yards on a single command!! What a great dog Queen is...thank you for sharing!
  2. Hi Ripley, glad that we've helped you a bit with your decision! I just also wanted to say that Cody & Duchess made a lot of great points, too, about car travel. Mojo's bathroom command is "hurry up," which definitely helps speed things along in new places or when I'm in a rush (but frankly, with a male dog, it's not like he has much of a problem deciding on a place to go, LOL--I think this command was much more useful when I had a female, particularly when there wasn't any grass around, as she didn't like to do her business on concrete). Anyway, Mojo's vet has an elevator, so he's been on
  3. Thank you for the additional input, Julie! What you said definitely makes sense. Okay, I'll push really hard to get him further off the sheep the next time we go. Hopefully I'll be able to get new video of this attempt, as well. I would really love to see your videos, if you can find them!! Thank you again.
  4. Hi Julie and Megan! It's very nice to hear from you both, too, and thank you so much for watching our videos, and for your kind constructive comments. I definitely appreciate your input!!! (And LOL, Megan, you sure nailed it with the "Lie-down-dammit-so-I-can-think" command! ) Anyway, I'm glad that you both think that Mojo is ready to develop some more self control and make some more progress...now I've just got to figure out how to help get him there. I tried watching over my videos while envisioning the body positioning and timing (on my part) that you both suggested, and I think I
  5. FWIW, I concur with SoloRiver--as the sole driver, and leisurely driving only 8 hours a day, taking plenty of pit stops for meals, and staying in a hotel every night, and even going exactly the posted speed limit, it was still an easy 4 days from Buffalo, NY to Los Angeles, CA when I did it--nothing remotely close to 7 or 8 days. If you actually try to hurry, and take turns driving with a friend, it is definitely possible in 2.5 days or less, particularly if you drive round the clock. I have one crazy friend who can somehow make it in about 30 hours, but I wouldn't recommend his methods. I
  6. Hi everyone, is this a new topic forum for posting herding videos? If I am in the wrong section, please forgive me. I just wanted to show you Mojo's latest video progress on sheep, as well as some videos of me learning to work the very talented started young imported Border Collie, Bean (not mine) with whom I have also been taking lessons, so that I can improve my handling and help Mojo more efficiently. I'll say right off the bat that Mojo's videos are probably not that great by most people's standards, and Bean's videos are, LOL, but I'm still very proud of both dogs!! MOJO videos: (M
  7. From the minute she was reliably housetrained around the age of one or two years, Godiva has slept in bed with me, but she is small, and she doesn't shed at all, AND she likes to snuggle next to me under the covers, so it is easy--she even puts her head on my pillow like a human would!! Silly dog. She is the epitome of "entitlement." A "hurricane of hair," however, doesn't quite cover the amount of fur that Mojo sheds when he is blowing his coat, which apparently lasts for an approximately two-month period in the fall, and then he sheds lightly the rest of the year. So, in the interes
  8. CALIFORNIA My name: Koi A. Best way to contact: Private Message Location: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA [Hollywood, in Los Angeles] Distance willing to travel: Up to 2 hours (max. 100 highway miles) each way, in any direction Vehicle: Toyota Camry 4-dr sedan; smaller crate could fit sideways in backseat, but I have canine seatbelt available as well; NOTE: I would actually prefer to HOLD OVERNIGHT THAN TRANSPORT, but I *am* willing to transport Extra Crates: (1) soft-sided 36" crate, (1) 36" wire crate, (1) large Sherpa dog carrying bag for dogs 22 lbs and under
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