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  1. Our local Petland recently adopted this strategy (good for them!). Only thing is, I work at Petsmart and at least once every week, someone will come in and ask where the puppies are. Once in a blue moon, when told that we do not sell puppies, they respond "Why not?" Last week, I couldn't help but notice a surge in the amount of people who came in looking for puppies. Guess they went to Petland, noticed they didn't have puppies, and went to the 2nd big-chain store, thinking that was the one that had the puppies. They look shocked when we tell them we don't sell puppies, never have. A young coup
  2. I'm not even entirely sure it actually hurts. It's the fact that his center of gravity slipped from under him. We're talking about a dog who's afraid of heights, won't allow himself to be carried, and absolutely refuses to step over anything he can look down under (such as a bridge with slats wide spaces. Though if I hurry him, he doesn't get a chance to look down and will cross it just fine). When he sees a cat, his balance is fine and he doesn't slip (most of the time); I think the reason he slips is because his feet are scrabbling and not getting enough traction, and that's brought on by th
  3. My own dog (also called Jake!) has this same issue, which cropped up a few years ago. He has this weird thing about walking across the linoleum floor in the basement. He thinks too much about it, and thus can't get the courage to just WALK across it. He'll keep putting a paw out, lean forward a bit, then whimper and back up to circle and come back to try again. But if he's distracted, like lets say one of the cats has thrown something down the stairs, Jake will focus on that and he'll jog right over the floor with no problem. All he's thinking about is the naughty kitty who needs to be stared
  4. I *heart* the Flexi. My first one was purchased when we got Jake as a pup, and it finally died 6 years later (after being well-abused, I might add, by both me and Jake himself). It was well-chewed from when Jake was teething, and the casing was cracked, and add that with the fact that the thumb-pushing button was chewed, you sometimes had to assert sideways pressure when putting the button, but overall, it still worked fantastic. I cried when the rope finally snapped in a weak, worn-out spot. I couldn't bear to throw it out for at least a week or two. Then I bought a retractable on Ebay, and i
  5. Jake wears his half the time. Sometimes I leave it on after a walk, sometimes I take it off just so we can both enjoy that super neck scratching, sometimes I take it off just so one of my cats, Willow, can have the catnip effect (she goes batty, rolling around on his collars) Jake's my only dog, though, and he's quiet and mellow so I don't worry about him getting into trouble over his collar.
  6. By this, do you mean with the back legs scratching the ear, or any leg? 'Cause Jake frequently uses his front paws to sort of swipe behind his ears. Sometimes he licks his feet before swiping his ear, so since I can't figure out why he scratches his head like that, I just figured he's being cat-like, as I know some dogs are. Now I wonder. It would make sense for it to be a calming signal, since when we notice him and start cooing (which makes him uncomfortable) he'll just swipe faster. He rarely does it while standing (once in a while, he'll stop in the middle of walking and swipe at his ear o
  7. I leave the paws a furry mess, but I'll trim in the winter if I feel they're too shaggy. If Jake goes out to pee and stops every few strides to chew his feet, then I bring out some trusty scissors upon his return.
  8. Jake, too, sleeps wherever he drops, with no apparent preference to floor type (if anything, he prefers tile or wood over carpet, for the coolness I guess). But he's getting older (turned 10 this year), and has the occasional bout of arthritis (he's all but fine now, after spending a year on glucosamine, but once in a while he'll wake up a wee bit stiff in his bad leg). And for being 10 years old, he'd never had a proper dog bed (usually blankets and straw in his doghouse when he lived outside, and thick blankets in his crate when he moved inside). He LOVED the cat beds, though, and would alwa
  9. Jake stands 24" and lands anywhere between 55lbs and 60lbs, depending on the season.
  10. This is my favorite video from dogster, about a dog and his Cuz http://www.dogster.com/video/48290/Toy_from_hell Jake has one too, a green good Cuz. It took a while (I think a few months) but it no longer has feet. The angels in Jake's world rejoiced the day he finally managed that. I tell you, though, I nearly lost my lunch several times because of the slurping, squeaking noise of his teeth trying to get a good grip on the feet. Ugh. But now it's just a ball with two little nubbins where the feet used to be, and since the squeaking (haha, death cry) is still intact, he still loves it. He
  11. So a virus killed our computer, so to speak, which forced us to completely wipe everything. So far, I've only found 3 forums that I used to frequent (the latest one I only found yesterday), but it's the Aussie forum that's really driving me nuts. The Aussie forum and this BC forum where the two that I'd frequent the most, of the list of forums in my Favorites list, anyway. So it's driving me nuts, I KNEW I should have written down the links, but I didn't, and now I'm paying for it. But I know there are other fellow Aussie-board posters here, so I'm hoping someone can PM or email the link to me
  12. Jake hasn't been able to sit pretty for a long time now, but I don't think that's unexpected: he's 9 years old now, and arthritis began kicking in at age 6 (fortunately it seems to be well controlled now). And when he was 7, he tore his ACL and had surgery for that. It was around 6 or 7 that we noticed he was sitting "on his hip" instead of having both legs under him, but I just took that as an age-related thing. He can't do beg anymore either, unless you hold out your arm and he can prop his front legs over it. And heck, he deserves to sit however he wants nowadays, plus it just looks so cut
  13. Another bonus to licensing, is that when the average Joe knows they have to pay a fee every year, they may be put off on getting a dog (a good thing, what with all the cruddy owners out there these days). Those who are serious about dog ownership would willingly pay a fee every year. Granted, there are always the loser owners who get a dog and don't pay a single cent for the rest of the dog's life, whether it be licensing or healthcare.
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