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Introducing Zia to a New Puppy

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We're planning on getting a BC puppy in a few weeks, and I'm wondering and wondering how Zia will react. (And what we can do to make this go more smoothly.)


Zia's got her dog-friends she's known all her life, whom she enjoys a lot, but she's cautious and fearful when meeting new dogs. She does tend to warm up if/when she realizes she can get them to chase her. For example, the last time she met a new BC, at first she was doing the raised hackles and the cringing with the occasional low growl and mouth-distorting snarl, but then they started to chase each other and she was happy.


She seems to be more freaked-out by bigger dogs and much smaller dogs (including puppies) so I have a good idea what her first reaction will be. She's lived for days and even weeks or a couple months at a time with other dogs--I think she's only stayed really fearful of the larger ones, plus the senile cocker spaniel who every now and then went after her, when he wasn't attacking the bookcase.


Another twist here is that we moved to a new house and state not quite three weeks ago. While we've got a backyard (and a dog door) and more room inside for play, Zia is still worried by the move. She seems to be very scared by being left alone--which wasn't an issue in our old place.


Advice? Ideas? There are very few doors in our new house (master bedroom is up a doorless stairway, the common areas all flow into each other), but Zia is crate-trained (although we haven't used it for nearly a year) and we plan to do the same with the new puppy.

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Is there anyway you can show your Zia that this pup is a good thing? That would be the first thing I would try.


Other then that...just make sure she knows she's still "top doggie" with the new pup. Make it fun having a puppy around. One more thing, make sure you don't "push" her to be friends with this pup, let mer make that decision.


I can't really think of anything, I'm sure more people will have better advice.


We'll need puppy pictures for sure though :rolleyes:

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I would bring back the crate for Zia for a while, give her a safe haven and a den to get away to. And give her some time to settle before bringing the new bundle of joy home. A new move and suddenly a new pal can be a lot to absorb.


I have always heard it is best to introduce a new dog on neutral territory, before bringing them home together. This helps it seem less like an intrusion, initially. Limit their interaction until Zia seems comfortable. The puppy is going to have to learn some manners, though, so keep that in mind when Zia bares her teeth. Puppies have sharp teeth, and they have to learn how to use them! LoL.

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We wern't sure how our Shar-Pei, Tia would react to having a puppy in the house, so before we bought Taj home, we went to visit him and make sure his smell was all over us - when we came home, we each grabbed a handful of Tia's favourite treats and went and made a big fuss of her, telling her what a good girl she was etc while she sniffed the puppy smell.


So far so good, she seems to have absolutely no problems with him at all...after two and a half weeks she finally gave him the slightest 'huff' of a growl (he was being an absolute brat biting and climbing on her and trying to drag her around by her collar), but other than that she basically ignores him completely apart from the odd withering glance. I actually would prefer her to put him in his place just a little, as I am worried that eventually she will get really peeved with him - in the meantime, we stop him when he starts getting over the top with her.


If Taj had been older we would have introduced them on neutral turf. I would introduce Zia back to her crate now (even if just for meal times), so she dosn't see it as a punishment. Make sure she gets your attention first before the pup, feed her first and also have a crate for the pup.


This might also help, if you havn't taught her a 'relax' cue, do it now so that it hopefully works in a few weeks when the pup comes home. When she is calm and laying down, gently stroke her or rub her fur (something non-stimulating that she really enjoys) and just keep repeating ' good girl relax' or 'calm' in a really soothing voice. Eventually (time depends on the dog and its personal 'issues') but this can be quite helpful in stressful situations such as the vets office as well.

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