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they upset my dogs!!

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which, as you can all imagine, is the very worst thing that can happen :rolleyes:

my mate and i went for a really nice long dog walk through bridal paths and field to get to the woods. said woods are public footpaths and public bridal ways. NOT a scramble track.

we were walking up one path and heard the annoying little whiney buzzing of mini moto thingies. came to a crossroads and saw them. did they slow down? no. did they turn around? no!!!!

we put the youngsters on leads and carried on (i do NOT take my dogs out for their excercise for them to have to go on lead, the point of going to the woods and fields is for them to be able to run!).

now possibly at this point i was being pig headed but i refused to go off the path, hell i dont train my dogs to stick to the paths for years to then have to do the opposite! i train them to stay on the path ESPECIALLY in the woods so we dont disturb wildlife.

damn kids keep on coming though dont they? oh yeah! when they got to us, they were about 6! there is no way in hell that is safe! the parents were way up the end of the track and unable to see there kids. the track looks smooth enough but is riddled with hidden holes etc and fallen tree branches are at the sides. gods know what injuries would happen if one came off

anyhoo, we carried on, kid comes back past. at this point we can see the parents who are at the next junction of paths. so we decided to take the path going left, away from where they are buzzing up and down.

where do they send the kids next? oh yeah, down the path we have taken.

1/2 a mile away is a scramble track!!! why not take them there!!!!!

dont get me wrong i'm not against kids having fun, but the local woods are not the place for this!

can you imagine what would happen if they came round the corner into horses??

would it really have been that much effort to get the kids to stop for the 3 minutes it took us to go up the path. did they really then have to change paths to the one we went on to avoid them????


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Can you talk to the local authority in charge of this? Around here, there are places where motorized stuff (other than wheel chairs) are not allowed.


If this is a bridle path, that is especially important. If those nasty parents let their children buzz past a horse, there could be serious injuries. With luck, from horse hooves hitting brats.

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Arrgh, don't get me started on four-wheelers. I think y'all call 'em quad bikes. Anyway, I am very lucky that I ride the Buddha of horses, cause we used to meet those things alot in the woods near my old boarding stable. If we happened to meet horse people riding four-wheelers, they'd usually move to the side and idle their motors, but others thought it was just fine to roar on past. My wonderful draft cross would just give them a withering look, but I've been out with other riders who weren't so lucky. :D


And it is perfectly legal here for kids of any age to ride them. :rolleyes: An eleven month old child was killed here over the winter, riding on the back of his granddad's four wheeler. :D Not uncommon at all for four and five year olds to tool around on them. A bill passed our state legislature to set an age limit and require training for kids, but our governor vetoed it.

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