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Wish me luck!!!!!

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I am going to visit my DH tomorrow who works out of town and take both Luke and Bree with me... 12 hour drive then a week stay in a motel! AHHHHH I am afraid of my BC's hehehehehehehehehehehe my only saving grace is that I know where there is a great spot a short drive from the motel that I can take them to let them blow off some steam! and LOTs of walking!



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Have fun BC's are normally easy travelers but for a real challenge try 4 bcs, 1 aussie, 5 people in a 31ft RV for 13 days! Wheeeee!


hhahahahahahah no kidding!


Well it isin't Luke I am worried about, he has done a LOT of traveling with me, but Bree is only 3 and a 1/2 months. But I am here now and she traveled GREAT actually complained less then Luke! He's like the spoided whinny brat kid lol We just got back from that spot I was saying I could really let them play at and we played catch the flying squirrel (a chuck it toy) for an hour, we are back in our room, Luke is sleeping and Bree is chewing a bone, so things are looking good so far!



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